Sad or Grouchy Doggie? May be in pain!

Brobee sadLately I have seen my baby boy Brobee a little down.  He’s normally jumping and running around seeking anyone’s attention.  But I noticed his sad face and lack of energy.  I began searching his little body for any cuts or bruises then slowly began to massage his paws and legs.  Then his back and up his neck. When I reached his head and barely touched one of his ears he yelped and nipped at me, something he has never done.  I knew then that something was terribly wrong.

It took what seemed like hours to get him to sit still for me enough to get a good look at his ear.  What I saw was dark brown goo that smelled like dirty musty feet.  I knew it was definitely an ear infection.  He must be in terrible pain, otherwise he would have never growled at me.  Dogs with floppy ears are more susceptible to ear infections.  Then I remembered that a couple weeks ago we took the dogs to the self-serve doggie wash, my husband and I flipped a coin to see which dog we would get to wash and he got Brobee.  Hmm, someone didn’t dry his ears like they were supposed to.  It is very important to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears after a bath to avoid these infections.Brobee ear

I needed to get him to the vet immediately.  So, I called the vet and I made my appointment for next Friday.  What!?!?! Next Friday, that is 5 days away! My Brobee is in pain and he could not stand it when he rubbed his ear on anything.  I ran to the local pet store to see if I could find something to alleviate the pain until then. I purchased and ear cleanser and decided it was worth a shot.  I squeeze the cleanser in the ear and gently massage the base of the ear.   Then I took a cotton ball and cleaned all the goo inside the ear.  (Never use a cotton swab, you can puncture their ear drum with a swab).  I did this 3 times a day and in just two days it has cleared up completely.  He is still scheduled for his vet appointment just in case, but he is so much happier and clearly not in pain any more.

Happy Brobee

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