Say No To Hot Cars & Keep Your Dogs Cool!

never-leave-dog-in-car-632x816Summer is here and the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter. It’s a great time to get your pets out to the park and do some outdoor activities. If you have to drive with your dog to get to the park or out for the day, please do not leave your dogs in your car. Thousands of dogs die each year because they are left in a hot car. Even if you crack the windows or park in the shade your dog can still suffer from heatstroke.

Dogs like us suffer from heatstroke when temperatures rise and our body is not able to regulate its temperature because it is basically too hot. Dogs can begin to pant, drool, become weak, start vomiting and collapse after exposure to high temperatures. Other symptoms include lethargy, high fever, dark red gums, rapid heartbeat, and unresponsiveness. Heatstroke is deadly! has started the campaign My Dog is Cool to help dogs stay cool and warn pet owners that leaving pets inside a hot car, even for a couple of minutes could be fatal. The Animal Protection Institute did a study that showed how the temperatures rise inside a hot car even though the temperature outside was not as hot. They compared the outside temperature of a fully closed car, a car with two windows cracked and one with four windows cracked. All showed increased temperatures inside the car, even though the temperature outside was moderate in the early morning hours. View temperatures here: How hot do cars get?

My Dog Is Cool

If you have to run errands, its simply best to just leave your dog at home. If you must bring your dog with you, try using the drive thru when possible or bring a friend to stay with your dog while you go inside to run your errand. If thinking about having lunch while you are out, you can scout for dog friendly restaurants at

How can you help if you see a dog in a hot car or in distress?


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